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At Winn Solicitors we are the national specialists in handling road traffic accidents. We help thousands of customers who have been injured or inconvenienced to make a road accident claim every year. Not only do we guarantee that you will have no excess to pay when making a non-fault insurance claim, we can also advise you on protecting your no claims bonus and avoiding increased premiums by dealing directly with third party insurers.


By far the most incompetent company i have ever come across. I logged a complaint speaking to their 'manager' was like speaking to a petty teenager.

my claim is almost over a year now and nothing has been done, no updates terrible communication. Honestly please avoid this company Its the worse company i have ever had to deal with. Not one of their staff have any idea what they are doing It's almost embarrassing.

Don't use them

My son had his car hit while park outside his home . He took it to our local repair place and they said go through winns it won't effect your no claims .wished we hadn't bothered. Told my son they would claim everything back off the person that run into my son's car because he had admitted fault so thought everything was going to be ok but how wrong we were . My son needed a hire car to get to work and as it fell over the Christmas period where the car went to be repaired shut over Christmas . He had the hire car over Christmas and as soon as the car was repaired the hire car went back this was all back in december 2016 . Now 9 months later they are saying my son has cooperated with them which he has and saying he will have to pay for the hire car £3,500 which he hasn't got and none of this was his fault so wrong. Stay Clear.

Stressful, confusing, non-commutative

Nothing but stress since day one!

I had an accident before Christmas 2016, someone went into the back of me so the accident was not my fault. The person who went into the back of me was very apologetic and took all responsibility.

I called my insurance company to make them aware of the accident and I was then forwarded onto Winns to process a claim.

They arranged for me to have a courtesy car as my car was not drivable and I needed to be able to get to work, the car was issued the following day so I was initially impressed with Winns.

They then sent someone out to assess the damage and I was told the car was a write off and that I would receive a call within 48 hours with details of the value. I then had someone else come to assess the vehicle, this time from the otter parties insurance, they also told me the car was a write off and they phoned me within 4 hours with details of the value.

I was told by the other parties insurers that they had spoken with Winns regarding my case and it was agreed that they would take over in regards of transferring me the funds for my vehicle and arranging to take it away. And they did just that, so in my eyes the case was closed.

Now nearly 6 months later I am STILL getting random emails from Winns regarding missing documentation. I signed all documents with them and even sent then bank statements but every email they send they seem to add on other 'outtanding documentation' they never asked for in the first place!!! I have called countless times and have had it confirmed that the emails were sent in error and that my case in closed, but I still get the emails! I'm not getting emails about the possibility of going to court, I have emailed several times and called but nobody ever answers.

I am considering getting my own solicitor to help deal with Winns because hey are causing nothing but stress for me.

I would urge everyone to completely stay away! I'm no lawyer and by no means have no qualifications in the fields but I know a con artist when I see one! Do yourself a favour and don't bother!!!!

1 star because 0 is not an option

The WORST company I have ever had to use. Whole process has been terrible, no one knew what was going on. Had a car accident August last year, not my fault, over the past 6 months the car has been in and out of the garage 3 times to try and be fixed... yet its still not fixed and they're not doing anything more about it.. so I'm left with a broken car which was only 4 weeks old at the time of the accident yet I'm paying finance for it still even though the car still isn't fixed.
Wrote a complaint, waited 3 weeks for Winn's to tell me that its 'not their problem the car isn't fixed' and its all the car garages fault because they've not done a good enough job. So its not Winn's fault even though they instructed this garage!? Actually pretty comical really.
So many problems have occurred over the past stressful 6 months of my life and Winn's are taking no responsibility for any of it. But its okay, I've got legal advice and I know I'm in the right so I'm taking it to the Financial Ombudsman. Have fun with that one Winn's, maybe then you'll learn some customer service skills.


There aren't the words in the English language to express the rage I feel towards Winns. I cannot begin to go into all the details as I'm too unwell and they literally caused me to breakdown.
They came through our insurers. It is clear they make their money by having a lot of subsidiary companies they refer you to like On Medical, On Hire etc. So all the money goes back to Winns ultimately - one way or another.
We were told a hire car was usual where the other party admitted full liability. Like others here - we are only now being told this is not the case and we have been hounded for thousands of pounds three years later. Its looking like I may NEVER receive a penny for someone else's appalling driving.
There were many contradictory calls, failed messages and mess ups. Senior solicitors have denied calls have been made - fortunately, we learnt to start keeping records of all calls made and were able to argue back. One lower end solicitor - a trainee was great - but the high end solicitor said she 'regretted' abandoning me, others were defensive and contradicted each other.
I was supposed to to have two courses of therapy for PTSD - the second was NEVER organised, leaving me further traumatised.
I was assured that I would be referred to an orthopaedic surgeon within 6 to 12 months following the independent A and E consultant saying I was too ill to be examined three months after the accident. This NEVER happened. Approximately 18 months later, virtually confined to bed, crutches or a wheelchair, isolated, not receiving the care I needed.
Through painstaking attendance my new doctors surgery found I had a series of slipped discs in my neck and other soft tissue damage. I needed facet joint injections and further physio - however as Winns messed up timing, it was virtually impossible to prove it was caused by the accident - despite photo evidence or to track what was happening medically. We lost our Wedding Blessing, had to relocate and my husband lost his 11 year old business trying to care for me and keep things going for two years
They refused point blank to come and see me - even when I said I would pay.
I had to change solicitors following their complete mishandling of our case. The people I changed to shut down their office without telling me! In the meantime, I was having appalling threatening letters from Winns. So I had to quickly find someone else as the three years was nearly up. I did and they moved like lightening but I was so stressed by now, I couldn't go on. The insurers offered me a meagre 10K plus certain costs. Then they took out of my 10k, the costs of the half counselling course they'd arranged (thank God they'd stuffed up with my counselling or I'd have had to pay more) then the costs of the physio that had ended with violent head pains. I had never had these pains in my life before, in my neck or head and still have them over three years since the accident - to the point of going to A and E on several occasions. We have had to pay for home care, travel, a lot of meals as I can't cook, disabled equipment, numerous things you don't expect.
Winns have put my husband and I through hell and have shown us absolutely no mercy - knowing that we have lost everything through an accident that wasn't even our fault at all but another - well to do woman who was driving recklessly and caused considerable damage to council property as well wrecking our lives with Winns. With Winns - who needs enemies.
I had never been in an accident before and was an innocent passenger. They were meant to be our guide and help - instead they mishandled us and mismanaged us so much that finished off what the driver started.

Worse than useless

Disorganised and terrible at communicating. Fail to ring back when promised, they sound like a bunch of school leavers without any qualifications. Avoid like the plague.


They are very poor, I have received nothing but high blood pressure with this company and I am only 34 years old.



I wish I had read the reviews first before I decided to go with this company , after seeing the advert on tv and it being a local company I thought I would give them a go , ( we keep you in the loop all the way )

Great service, would highly recommend

Winns were fantastic, from my first call until I got my compensation and at every stage in between. It was a lengthy process, but my file handler kept me updated throughout. I couldn't fault them and would highly recommend them.

Stressful, awful, intrusive

I wouldn't have chosen to use an organisation like this by choice, but unfortunately my lease company forced me down this road on a non fault claim. I phoned the number and very quickly I was sent a raft of documentation to sign and return, which I did as I thought this was the terms of my lease. The day after I received a call from the other party's insurance who accepted liability and offered to get the car fixed and provide a courtesy vehicle. Then the saga started. As I had already instructed Winn I couldn't deal with the insurers direct. First they needed to get the car assessed - tiny scratch. Assessor came from miles away = £'s. Then as I needed a courtesy car they wanted details for all bank accounts for the past 3 months- I refused as I don't share financial details with 3rd parties. I was challenged and said under the terms of the agreement if I didn't supply I would be in breach. There has been much correspondence with them including legal documentation to sign and return, all of which is being requested without any dispute being raised by the other party. I have tried to complain to both Winn and my lease company who appear to think the process is acceptable and a lot less hassle than managing through the insurance and reclaiming excesses - WRONG!! I didn't need any personal damages as this was such a minor claim, but if I was to want any compensation it would be from Winn solicitors due to the stress dealing with them has caused me in this process. There are many other points in the process I could complain about, but I shall leave it there. I would do everything I could to avoid this organisation in the future!!!!

very disappointed

I really wish i read the reviews before agreeing to this company there communication skills are terrible all i can say is please take note to everyones reviews and stay well away from winn assist

long 3 year wait

after over 3 years wait ,,4 maybe 5 different claims handlers multiple phone calls physio ect ect my compensation arrived .the check was made out wrong so i could not bank it ,rang them again and was asked to return the check which I did .a new check arrived with the same letter reprinted ,no acknowledgement or apology of their mistake HOW RUDE

Would not use again

Hi i would like to put this review up as i think it would be useful , i went with winn solicitors as thought that would be the best option as i wouldnt have to fork out an excess , but on completion of my claim which i was awarded £4500 they took £1300 then the worst was to come as during claim they gave me a hire car and said it wouldnt cost me and not to worry , i was worried as 6 months later i received a letter stating that the hire was £20,000 plus and that i had to go to the crown court and do everything they say or i would have to pay , i went to court and was grilled by the other insurance , i dont know the outcome yet and that was 6 months ago , i paid car parking which i was told i would be reimbursed but havnt , so i advise you not to get a hire car off them as apart from stress you may have to pay for it out your own pocket if you dont do what thay say .


Have to ring / enquire what is happening constantly for update. I understand third parties are involved they could better manage expectations and keep client much better informed on a more regular basis without constant prompting and excuses.

Overall experience has been a nightmare and its still not sorted 9 months after accident. There are areas of service that are ok but overall these are forgotten with the stress and incompetence I only hope this whole experience is finally sorted quickly and I never have to again go through this.
Someone crashed in to the back of me 9 months ago and this is still on going. Never get a update always have to call which I am no longer doing. When communicating with the trainee solicitors who is handling my case I get asked the same questions over and over again even after emailing and numerous conversations, I find her incredible rude but as I want this sorted ASAP I don't even bother with her, I've asked her so many times to update me through out progress but it seems too much for her or if I'm asking her for something that's out of her job description. All I want is for this is to be over with more stress than it's worth!! Thought using winns was to take this away from me; Obviously not!
Avoid at all cost!!! & sanity!

terrible service, incompetent solicitors.

I was involved in an accident three years ago when an elderly man drove into the side of my car. My neck (I had slipped a disc) and my lower back were injured. I had seen adverts for winn on the tv so decided to give them a call, from an initial brief phone conversation with one gentleman I was talked into making a claim within a few minutes, my head was spinning and I just went along with it. To cut a long story short 9 months later I got my £ 3,000 compensation. Now over 3 years later Winn solicitors are billing me for over £2,000 because they were unable to recover all of their costs from the other side! The legal advisors are clearly incapable and incompetent. I assumed once I got my compensation cheque that it was over case closed, but clearly this is not how winn solicitors works, they tried to get their cut afterwards and because they were unable to get it from the other side they then billed me for it!
They are total con artists BEWARE!


My Son's car was hit and written off by another 'blind' driver about a month ago. His insurers use these useless clowns to handle his case. The other party admitted fault so should have been straight forward. Oh no...... My Son's car is modified to his taste, and fully insured as such, but no one at Winns appears to give a toss about this. We have already refused the first offer as this would not allow him the funds to recreate his car. We backed this up with details of similar modified cars currently for sale as requested. Today my Son sends me another email from them stating that the first offer will not be increased because the assessor says it's fair ! Bearing in mind we are only arguing over £200, and his hire car is costing the 3rd party nearly £100 per day, it wouldn't take a lot to settle this. So I (as a nominated person by my Son) rang Winn's again to discuss only to be told that we have no choice, we have to accept this offer ! I was also told that once the cheque is sent the hire car will be collected. I told them we will not accept the cheque as we had not agreed a settlement. Again I was told they are not going to do anything else and we have no choice ! Needless to say, we will be taking this further. Seems to me they are not interested in looking after their clients interests, only claiming their fees. BE WARNED.

I would never use this company by choice

It turns out that my insurer outsources its claims department to this firm. Worst experience of my life. I am a solicitor so you'd think I'd have a head start in understanding what this lot were on about. Wrong! They sent me documents to sign without explaining what they were, they were rude and unprofessional to me when (eventually) arranging a hire car, and now they are talking about issuing proceedings against the person who hit my car, notwithstanding the fact that they have not yet established whether the other party disputes liability! And don't forget, we're all paying for this with our premiums. I will not be renewing my motor policy with the same insurer next year as, in the unfortunate event that I have to make a claim, I don't want to have to deal with Winns again.

Inept staff and unreliable company

I was involved in an road accident a few months ago, and after hearing Winn's on the TV and radio, I decided to give them a go. The initial discussions with a gentleman who took the details of the claim went fairly well although I was always conscientious of him clock watching trying to get as many clients in and out as they can, with not much consideration given to us the clients.

Once the claim progressed, it was then that the trouble started. Having called to chase up on medical reports and progress reports on several occasions, I was faced with foul and abusive staff, who I could hear abusing me whilst transferring my calls. Also despite sending in my paperwork via recorded delivery, and receiving the standard confirmation correspondence, it was several weeks later that I would hear anything from Winn's or any of their employees. Having been fed up, of the incompetent staff and the poor treatment towards their clients by Winn's, I decided to go to another company Browell Smith and Company, and my claim was settled within six weeks and I felt valued by all Browell's employees and no query was ever an issue with them.

Also, the persons used in the Winn's TV adverts are fake. One in particular is a close friend of a friend of mine, and he has admitted to many that members of the public are paid to sell up Winn's solicitors and their services.

Winn's solicitors- 0 star.

Browell's solicitors- 5 stars.

Words can not describe how stressed and angry I am.

Currently i am on day 308 of my claim and have not been paid out after two medicals, 7/8 physio sessions and numerous NHS physio sessions. dont take me wrong in the previous sentence its not the fact of not being paid out that i am upset, its the amount of times i keep ringing to find out if any further progress has been made and everytime i ring the lady's voice mail says i will not be in the office untill (3,4,5 days after the day i am ringing) then eventually after mabey 2 weeks of trying to contact my case handler i get updated and furthermore get promised to be kept up to date. now winns have unfortunitally had to file court proceedings against the other insurance company and i did not find out untill atleast a week after. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE DISGRASE !

I had just been battered by a car incident, wasn't interested in anything, but it's been sorted for me.

I simply could not ask for better service. I'm sore, i ache and feel rotten. My car looks worse than i feel though. All that said, I've been looked after by everyone involved with sorting this out.

Thank you

From an accident report to total satisfaction

I called to report that I was involved in an accident and Alex sorted everything out from the start without any prompting, I just gave him all the details I had and he did the rest.


Quick to respond to queries, helpful, informative and very customer friendly

I have never had need to use solicitors before and had no idea what to expect. Since our car was written off, through no fault of our own, they have been brilliant. They arranged physio treatment , a courtesy car until the claim is settled and have always listened to our every query however trivial. I find the staff empathic and knowledgeable.
it has made the whole experience less stressful and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Everything is taken care of with one phone call

When you are involved in an accident it is a horrible time, you can be without your car and constantly having to make phone calls to insurance company ect which in turn adds to the stress of the accident.
One phone call to Winns and they have done the rest.

10 / 10

Easy to talk to and were more than happy to explain things again for me when I didn't understand. Thank you for making the process so easy.

So far Alex has been amazing and so supportive. I hope this continues throughout the whole process.

I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend. They have been great..Everything was taken care of and I didn't have to worry about getting my car towed as Winns took care of this (this was within an hour of the accident) I also received a courtesy car, 3 hours after the accident. Amazing customer service.

Fab service

Winns contacted me when they said they would and within 4hrs my car was recovered, taken to garage and hire car was delivered. Thankyou for resolving things so quick, for doing as you said you would and for your polite telephone manor.

Fantastic and very quick. Also very supportive everyone I have spoke not to 2day has been lovely and understanding.

From the start this morning every person I have spoken to has been great. I have had a bad shock and every person I have spoken to has been so understanding and friendly. No one has judged and everyone has helped with my queries as I have never been in this situation before as never had an accident. I would recommend winns 100% to anyone as the insurance companies are so long winded. I spent over 1 hour on the telephone to my insurance company last night and they have not done anything compared with winns in only a short time today. Thank you

Helpful team who know what they're doing.

First response to my accident claim was prompt and informative, they guided me through the initial stages very well and informed me of what to expect. They had the paperwork to me very fast and were able to answer my queries efficiently.

An ongoing experience. Started off on wrong foot but getting there....

Day 1Started badly because I was in contact minutes after the accident and the mobile line was very bad. I was in shock and the person on the other line spoke fast and ended up confusing me leaving me stressed.
Everything sorted and clarified in the morning on day 2 though.......

winn everytime just click on line

i recomend Winns to all my friends because of the professional and expedient way in which they deal with your claim , from medical help required to ease any injury you may have incurred in an accident ,to getting you the best compensation they can to help you recover from the trauma of being involved in an accident.
I previously used Winns when I broke my foot at work and did not hesitate to contact them when I had an accident at work.

Winns helpful but associates slow!,,

I use Winns whilst at work and have now had to use them personally. The handlers are very helpful and take all the details with ease and confidence but a week into my claim and there is still no news from the Garage about how long it will take to fix my car, in fact they have returned none of my phone calls!!! Not impressed with that!!!
However the staff at Winns are always helpful and do their best to make things as easy as possible.

They were there to help.

After my accident I was a bit shaken up, the people at winns weren't like the usual robots on the phone, he asked me a few questions and it was sorted. I don't intend to ever be in an accident again, but if I am, I'll count on winns.

First class service

Tom contacted me following being involved in an accident and took me through the steps we would need to take to get back on track he was extremely helpful and made everything straight forward and easy ensuring I understood everything that was being done. Would reccommend them in a heartbeat.

Life and Easy

I found the Staff easy to talk to, they quick and efficient in relaying the relative information that they required and left very little for me to do. they life easy for me

Patience, understanding and no problem having to explain things more than once makes for great customer service

The initial reception I got from Sandra at Winn Solicitors when I rang to explain my claim was excellent. If this is the rest of my claim will be dealt with in this way I will have no hesitation recommending Winn to others.

4th time of using Winn Solicitors

I have unfortunately had the pleasure of using Winn Assist a few times before when bad drivers have hit my van on many occasions making me feel like I bought a magnet and not a van.
Each time they have dealt with my cases I have had no reason to feel anything but respect for them dealing with it in a prompt and efficient manner, for this I highly commend and recommend them for their good work and long may it continue.
Many Thanks.........

excellence service when reporting a claim

on reporting the accident/claim the service was excellent would definitely recommend, however, the follow on service wasn't quite as efficient when trying to organize the hire car/repair service


Winns acted quickly and efficiently although the reading of a version ot terms and conditions, apparently for self protection, was from a customer standpoint a complete waste of time and utterly boring.

Fantastic care taken with full concern

Winn Solicitors is a very trust worthy organisation and they take full care of the case and the person's health rehabilitation.

Simple easy process

It was easy to report my claim with Winn even though I rang out of hours at first. It was a real person on the phone and he took the details. They rang me back as promised the next day and went through the process clearly.

They do not even say hello when sending an email

When communicating via email no one even bother to say hello... They just email you some random documents without even saying what they are. When you call them they are very rude... You can tell they are from up north

speedy helpful and very efficient

Winns was recommended to me and this is the first time I've used winns I will most certainly have no doubts to use their services again and I highly recommend them to anyone they have dealt with everything on my behalf and I've had nothing to do which takes the pressure off you and gives you peace of mind very excellent service and very helpful and friendly staff

A friendly and company that puts you at ease.

I was a little unsure about contacting anyone about my accident....I was so busy that I just didn't think I could fit in making a claim. Wynns made it so easy for me, after a very pleasant conversation I was left feeling confident that all would be sorted without any interuption to my life. I was contacted shortly afterwards by the medical team who arranged my rehabilitation assesment. No hassle at all, a pleasure to deal with.

unrivalled service, speedy response, very professional from the outset.

I found the initial process of giving my details and circumstances over the phone, very welcoming and without any pressure to comply. I was dealt with by a very professional, compassionate lady (Sandra) that knew what to say and how to say it, which took the pressure off my initial enquiry.

Easy to understand, polite staff, and you speak to someone that is English

Fast and friendly response. Takes all the pressure off me as your company does the lot. Many Thanks

hassle free couldn't fault them

I had an accident where another driver cut right across in front of me no indicators nothing hit my drivers side front wing froced me into the curb which also damaged my alloy I phoned wins instantly they were friendly and reliable and very helpful took the hassle out of everything arranged my choice of garage for the repais organised a courtesy car till mine was ready they were always there if I had any questions would definitely recommend them.

Friendly and non judgemental

I was injured in an accident that wasn't my fault I spoke to winns solicitors and they made me feel at ease and that they will take care of everything it feels like a huge weight has been lifted I would definitely recommend their services to anyone you are not alone!

It was as if i was talking to a friend.

When speaking to the first response team i felt as if she understood what had just happened and wanted to help me as best she could. She made me more relaxed and less anxious and managed to calm me down to state where i could think clearer and about the actions i needed to take t,o help me get through the accident that had just happened. She reassured me of the steps that would be taken in order to get the help i needed and helped me understand the legal side until i fully understood as my brain wasnt functioning right, trying to process things that had happened all at once. Overall i am very pleased with the memeber of staff who helped me and would reccomend them to anyone.

Excellent Excellent Excellent

I wish I had knew them before spending days looking for professional solicitors. The best in all of car repair, car hire and personal injuries. Customer service is second to none. Promptness in all fields of service.
I am surprised how quickly they have sorted out all the three services such as car hire, car repair and personal injury claims. 10 out of 10 stars.

fabulous stress free service.

I rang Winns and they have organised everything, so friendly and helpful, not sure I could have coped with insurance companies! I received a phone call from on medical the same day & they are already organising physiotherapy, which is fantastic because I'm in a lot of pain. Totally recommend Winns to everyone :-)

excellent service to date

contacted Winn solicitors following an accident when another car ran into the rear of me Friendly, efficient, customer orientated are just a few words I would use to describe them; still in process of claim but all excellent to date

Fast service

when i called Winns today i didn't think i would have felt so satisfied with their service. in one phone call my claim was started and i have already received an appointment for physio next week. also I'm very happy that i could chose my own garage to do the repairs.
the service was fantastic but i wouldn't give them 5 stars simply because the guy on the phone just sounded bored, but then i might do if i had to read out the vast statements they have to

stressful situation made easier by a friendly team

My first ever accident and I didn't know who to turn to for advice. I rang winnsolicitors who put me at ease, answered all my questions, and are dealing with every thing for me. Brilliant service so far.

Handled very well!

Mick was very thorough and handled me very gently after such a traumatic experience. The whole process was very quick and I would highly recommend the service.

So far so good, much better service than previous firm used

Hello, I have moved to Winns after very poor service from solicitor appointed from my car insurance. So far the people I have spoke to have been very polite, friendly and professional. They have given me clear guidelines to what will happen next. Hopefully this will continue and we will be given regular updates on what is going on. You had been recomended by the police dealing with the crash so hopefully settlement will be quick, easy and hopefully get what we expect.

An efficient, professional and thorough service.

From the first contact I felt reassured. Although there is a lot of paperwork to complete, I was guided through this and advised what was required and when.

Friendly and informative.

When dealing with my claim, Winns solicitors were very helpful and friendly. Their over the phone service was great and called for an update every week. Overall I was very happy with their service.

Was very knowledgable and informative.

This is my first use of winns and didn't know anything about the procedures or what would be happening but all the knowledge and more that I would have needed was given to me with zero fuss or hassle.

Fast and Clear help when needed!

Following my unfortunate car accident, I was able to call for help an advice. Both we're offered very quickly and what happens and needed to be done was explained very clear. A good listening ear with good advice to follow! Thanks for the support :-)

Quick and Comprehensive

I was very impressed by the service received today and would reccomend. All facts given clearly, concisely and to the point while remaining sympathetic to the situation. Top job!

very clear

i found the call very helpfull and clear, there were no catches and no gimmicks straight forward questions easy to answer i would recomend winn to all family and friends

Very quick and easy to deal with

Win Solicitors have been very helpful in my case, I had an accident which was not my fault and it was my first accident so I had no idea what the procedures where.
The gentleman I spoke to seemed very knowledgeable, as he gave me quick and easy instructions to get the case underway.
He managed to organise everything for me, such as picking up my car for repair, courtesy car etc.
The case is still ongoing however from the way they have dealt with everything so far, I'm confident that it will be over quickly with minimal hassle.