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SSG(SCAMSERVICEGROUP) was observant of scams in unlock iphone and Jailbreak iPhone softwares. Therefore, we have screened all possible solutions - 140 iPhones were unlock and jailbroken, and 89 were left with some issues that we address in the process. Several companies were screened but keep in mind that there are so many new jailbreak websites and jailbreaking instructions every single day. That is why we decided to randomly test the top four unlock solutions. The purpose of this page is to let you know which unlock company is scam and which one is genuine so you can decide better for yourself.

Once you started unlocking and jailbreaking iPhone. It is not a piece of cake. It is very technical. You might need assistance in jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones. That is the reason this website is developed. Different sites show different easy solutions for unlocking iPhone but once you start the procedure you will come to know that, it is not easy. At times, unlocking and jailbreak iPhone can hinder Wi-Fi capabilities of your iPhone and sometimes you might have to throw your iPhone in the bin because it becomes useless. After paying handsome amount to unlocking and jailbreak softwares, you expect good and responsive jailbreak iPhone services but many websites claims but do not practice when it is needed.

Our system of unlocking and jailbreak is excellent and we applied all the unlocking and jailbreak softwares systematically on all the iPhones and invested huge amount of money on the development of these software. Our major concern is our clients and safety of all the products they are going for an unlock iphone 5 and iphone 6..

Moreover, we have also gauged different unlocking and jailbreak softwares present in the market for their effectiveness, range, usability, bonuses offered with these, reviews of customers, customer services of different companies and prices these unlocking and jailbreak companies are offering.

We found only 1 major reliable iPhone unlocking and jailbreak companies because the rest did not even fall into our minimum requirement criteria.

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Official iPhone Unlocking Software Market Review :


#1Average is 10/10
Unlock The iPhone was the next best unlock and jailbreak software


Effectiveness iPhone Unlock Solution - 10/10

We tested this iphone unlock software on five locked iPhone 6/5 & 4s/4g, three 3GS, three 3G, and 5 successful unlock iPhone 6/5 & 5 attempts worked. The jailbreak process was suprisingly quick and had very simple iphone jailbreak instructions with the software. Unlike other iphone jailbreak programs, a hard iphone reset isn't necessary to activate iphone after the process which is a HUGE bonus. In addition, we were suprised to see it work with the latest iphone firmware ios 7 and ios 8 and up.

Easy to use- 10/10

One of the great innovations is the ability to unlock iPhone from the phone itself, instead of having to update through iTunes software. Compared to other jailbreak programs, the process required a few options to select and then clicking the "jailbreak Now!" button.

Bonuses- 10/10

This membership has by far the greatest bonuses that we've seen. This includes a Dedicated iPhone Unlock Specialist to help the unlock process go smoother. They also give you acess to 300,000 iphone apps, iphone downloads, and other neat goodies.

Reviews of customers- 10/10

Reviews are excellent by the iphone users from around the world. There were no negative reviews that we found.

Customer services - 10/10

You can find how to unlock iphone ios 7 & ios 8 from this site which is the most recent iphone firmware download. The dedicated iphone tech that we were assigned was very helpful, even though we didn't really hit any snags.

Price and Value - 10/10

Price is competitive, they are charging $19.99 to unlock iphone 3GS/4G/4S//65/5S/5C, and this is affordable. The value in our opinion was better than the others.



Best iPhone Jailbreaking Reasons:


1. To gain access to a wealth of third party applications and games The official AppStore can be a great place to get third party applications and games. However, such applications may not fully utilize the iPhone's hardware or tap its true potential. With a jailbreaked iPhone, you can use third party application provider Cydia, which will be automatically installed after a jailbreak, to discover new applications and games. Great applications exists on the Cydia store, ranging from MxTube, an application to download YouTube videos to your phone to iPhoneModem, which lets you use your iPhone as a modem and provide your PC with internet access. Plus, if you are one of those who are still stuck with an iPhone 3G, you're in luck! Cydia has applications which will let you record video on your phone. In fact, one of the coolest applications available on Cydia will allow you to place 5 icons on your dock!

2. How Unlock your iPhone 5 & 6, Many complaints have been received about the dropped calls or network disruption on the first carrier which the iPhone was launched with. If you have bought a phone from this carrier, jailbreaking your phone would pave the way for an unlocking procedure, which will free your phone from a problematic network. After jailbreaking, most software will give you an option to unlock your iPhone as well.

3. To control the look at feel of your iPhone With popular applications such as Winerboard, you can completely customize the look at feel of your iPhone. Change your icons, the styling of the fonts, the lock screen images or simply download an entire theme package on Cydia to change the entire graphical interface of your iPhone at one go! Indeed, theming of the iPhone interface is one of the primary reasons why many users chose to jailbreak their iPhone. Theming your iPhone with winterboard is not only fast and easy, but also fully customizable to fit your mood and preferences.

4. To enable advanced features for your iPhone If you are technically savvy, it is possible to install advanced services on your phone. The OS used in the iPhone is essentially a stripped down version of Max OSX. Essentially, you can install tons of advanced applications from Cydia, ranging from a BSD Unix shell system to a mobile terminal. Additionally, the process can be rolled back if you do not like the jailbreaked version. Simply reconnect your iPhone to your computer, boot up iTunes and click the restore button. All traces that your phone has been jailbroken will be gone and its firmware restored to the one that you have when you purchased the phone.

In conclusion, jailbreaking is not only fast and easy with pre-packaged software, it also paves the way for you to install exciting new software which could not have been installed due to the AppStore restrictions. Additionally, jailbreaking is risk free, if you do not want your jailbroken phone anymore, just restore the phone using iTunes and everything will be back to normal!


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